February 7th, 2007

Where To Go?

Show plug! Peter and I did our two man show, The Destination, last night, and we have one more performance coming up. PLEASE COME! We want an audience to help us get a real run. Next Tuesday at 8:00 at the Magnet Theater (29th and 8th). We take a suggestion of a location at the beginning, and then we go there. This is our chance to pretend to be TJ and Dave, and we like it, so we want to keep doing it!


The East Village, where I spend most of my nonimprov time, has felt small and inauthentic the past week, as if it were a movie set, or a Disney recreation. I think this is due to either the weather or the fact that I quit coffee. Mostly quit, I have a cup in front of me right now, but it's only the second I've had in two weeks. Perhaps the lack of coffee is messing with my brain by making the neural receptors work the way they're supposed to, making me perceive things the way they actually are. Perhaps the cold weather is affecting my brain, making the city seem smaller, or perhaps the cold, dry air has a taut quality that affects the way the city looks. When the city is hot and humid, perhaps the light bouncing off the concrete walls take longer to reach my eye, making my brain think the city is microscopically bigger.

Perhaps I shouldn't of had this coffee.


A great short story by Isaac Asimov for those who like meaningful Science Fiction. His vision of humanity billions of years from now makes me wonder why he even thinks we would need our bodies; it's also exactly how I hoped the afterlife would be when I was growing up.

The Last Question


I'm thinking ahead and saving for my next trip abroad. Most of my potential destinations are judged by how I feel about their music. Lydia wants us to go to India, which would be amazing. She's also planning to go to Ghana soon, to visit a friend, and if she did that, I'd have to go with her and then travel North to Mali. I have a few other places in mind, mostly influenced by my inability to get the Adhan out of my head, and I'm looking at some language courses to prepare me. I don't know where to study, though. The city is full of so many different languages, but where is the best place to learn? Right now, I'm considering taking Arabic at NYU, but it's $755. Anyone know of other good places to study languages here?