Garrett Palm (garrettpalm) wrote,
Garrett Palm

Thursdays! 8 pm! January! February!

I'll be performing on Thursdays at 8 pm for the next several weeks if you want to stop by. In January, it's Slow Comedy, in February, Improv Review. Both shows are chock full of insanely talented people. It's only $5 for an hour or so of fun.

You could go to a funny $10 movie instead, where parents walk in on their teenage sons or daughters in compromising positions and the teenage audience laughs because, dear Lord, what if that were to really happen? I would understand if you went to one of these movies, but I'm sure you could find one Thursday to stop by. And, who knows, maybe someone onstage will walk in on their teenage son or daughter in a compromising position, and you walk away after the show a smarty pants because you just paid half of what the shmucks in the movie theater paid.

Really, come to the Magnet Theater (29th, just east of 8th) and watch my friends and I have fun.
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