Garrett Palm (garrettpalm) wrote,
Garrett Palm

People 2

I'm at the Sanctuario de Chimayo restaurant by myself, so I listen to other conversations. I hear rumors that the cast of the latest Santa Fe Opera production is having dinner on one of the outdoor terraces. Behind me are nuclear physicists on their way to Los Alamos. They are discussing God, and asking each other what they think life all means. They don't get very deep into their conversation, barely past their qualifiers, when the Opera cast sings happy birthday. The restaurant stops, and everyone listens to the powerful rendition, and applauds at the end. The physicists start a new conversation: some people are hard to work with. I focus on a conversation to my side, the husband is discussing investments, what I fled, and the wife is complaining that the food is bland. Frustrated, the husband exclaims "of course it's bland! You had them remove all the sauce, cheese, and chilies!"
Tags: people
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