Garrett Palm (garrettpalm) wrote,
Garrett Palm

Last Day in Sarajevo

Pictures from my real last day in Sarajevo.

The Miljacka River through Sarajevo. Pronounced "Milyatska."

Foggy Sunday afternoon in Sarajevo.

Sarajevo's Cumuria Bridge, where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated.

The Cumuria Bridge. Gavrilo Princip, the assassin, only wanted Serbia to be free. Instead he got World War I, which created the conditions for Hitler to come to power and World War II, which started the Cold War and created tensions in the Middle East with the creation of Israel. Two bullets fired right here.

Most of people buried here died during the siege.

Eternal Flame Commemorating the Siege. We were there on BiH's Independence Day, so they set wreaths along the niche in the wall.

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