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I stood next to a couple Upper West Side type families with loud, young children on the A train yesterday. We stopped at 34th street, and stayed there with the doors open for a few minutes while we had a red signal. As we stood there, a man with unwashed hair, black jeans, dirty boots, a torn black sweater with two unbuttoned collared shirts underneath, a big, dirty, khaki jacket, and an empty Pepsi can came up to the doors of our car and started jerking about as he shouted something like "Listen to me! Clamor bump bump jam to the bump! Argue traffic, listen! Bump! Bump!" He ran down to the next door and shouted the same general ideas to the people there, then came back to us. "If you bump! Jamma jamma! Listen to the bump! Time jam police can bump!" He took his Pepsi can and crushed it on the subway car above the doors as they closed. Once the train got underway, one of the parents said to the kids, who stopped talking during the whole speech, "Don't worry about him, he's just being silly, like your Auntie."

Uh oh, someone has an embarrassment in the family.


Speaking of kids on Subways, how do parents handle it? I'm sure as a kid there were plenty of times I refused to get ot of the car because I didn't want to go where we were going (like maybe those kids whenever they go to their Auntie's). When a kid doesn't want to get off the subway in the thirty seconds before the door closes, the next thing you know, you could be in Harlem. As much as New York Parents can be annoying, I do sympathize.

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